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Fresh Goat Milk Skincare


PURE FRESH GOAT MILK SKINCARE FROM VICTORIAAt our Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goat Stud established 30 years ago, every product is hand-made, production is all completed on-farm. They are conscious of the environment and the importance of reducing the chemical components used on our bodies. It is important to them that their products are: *Not Tested on Animals *Palm Oil FREE *Sodium Laryl Sulphate FREE *Parabens FREE *Alcohol-Propylene Glycol FREE *Synthetic Preservative Free *Not diluted with water, *Petro-chemical FREE *Environmentally Considerate.


Their Friendly Goats are given a great deal of care, they are all named, loved and cared for with natural supplements. They all live with companions, with access to sheds in their paddocks. DID YOU KNOW? Goat Milk is extremely compatible with human skin. Anglo Nubian milk has a higher butterfat content than standard goat milk. Because the Anglo-Nubian milk is richer in butterfat's, packed full of essential nutrients and Vitamins and Minerals it creates a much softer, more moisture rich Creaminess that skin can easily absorb. Being completely compatible means it is much less likely to cause irritation.


Products are made using Organic Australian Earth Clay for Colour and Exfoliate in selected bars. Created with their own recipes, specific formulas, made in small batches on-farm. Premium Quality and Skin Friendly. They support many local and rural businesses. Feed their Goats for optimum health with natural supplements such as Seaweed Meal.




 A Pure Inspiration is Elizabeth's Aunty, Xiu Zhen, who lived near a flax seed Linen Manufacturer in the 1960's located in Harbin, China. Xiu Zhen worked for them and constantly used and consumed the flax seeds and their oil. She is now 85 years old and is still very active and healthy. We believe her prior exposure to the Flax seeds has impacted her life and health.


Because of all of these experiences, Elizabeth is determined to make our pure healthy products readily available to all and ultimately share Natural, Safe and Nutritional Products and information with people all over the world so that they can live Pure, quality lives whilst enjoying them.