- Inspiration -

Cai Feng


In 2006, Elizabeth's 48year old sister, Cai Feng, was diagnosed with terminal Ovarian and Lung Cancer, in China, her sudden death shortly after diagnosis has impacted and inspired her to start her quest to find the best chemical free nutritional products from Australia for better health to share with people all around the world. After realising the prescribed treatment was not working on Cai Feng, Elizabeth began to pursue any natural alternatives. Unfortunately Elizabeth never had the opportunity to try these with Cai Feng. She tried many drugs and Chinese herbal concoctions available, all with disappointing results.



Elizabeth's Mother


Elizabeth's experience with her Mother who had Ongoing Diabetes was also a turning point. Her Mothers Chinese mentality included: lack of knowledge in this area, stubbornness, real pure products were just not readily available to her, old age and traditional cultural upbringing, attitude of never wanting to try new things, poor diet and poor nutrition. All of this compelled Elizabeth to educate others and share what we have here in abundance. Elizabeth believes that encouraging people to educate themselves well before they get to the point of becoming sick and the damage has already been done is the key. It is a lot harder to do the research when one is stressed and overcome by illness.

Xiu Zhen


A Pure Inspiration is Elizabeth's Aunty, Xiu Zhen, who lived near a flaxseed Linen Manufacturer in the 1960's located in Harbin, China. Xiu Zhen worked for them and constantly used and consumed the flaxseeds and their oil. She is now 85 years old and is still very active and healthy. We believe her prior exposure to the Flaxseeds has impacted her life and health.


Because of all of these experiences, Elizabeth is determined to ensure our pure healthy products are readily available for all to benefit from and ultimately share these Natural, Safe and Nutritional Products and information with people all over the world so that they can enjoy quality Pure living.