- About Ausscent -

The Beginning


It has been a long-term dream of Elizabeth's to source natural safe products and share them with family and others around the world. Therefor Ausscent - 'Pure Living' was born and founded in Australia by this determined Chinese Aussie entrepreneur. Ausscent is based in beautiful Melbourne one of the top most liveable cities in the World. Specialising in a range of Premium Quality Personal Products, that are Natural, Safe, Pure and create a pleasant experience. Including products that are purely organic, naturally grown and Australian crafted, with nutritional and also healing properties.



Our Products

Grown in Australia, Made in Australia, 100% Natural Products of Australia sourced from Local Farmers who practice Organic or Naturally Grown Farming, who care about the environment, and are Safe.*Each product utilises different methods and practises, see each product for more detailed descriptions and information.


All our products are licensed under the "I Love Products of Australia" Trade Mark ensuring Australian Origin, quality and authenticity. Look for the Logo below

Our Vision


 "To keep searching for and Providing Pure, Healthy Products, building knowledge, and ultimately encouraging “Pure Living”. Not only sharing products we believe in but continually sourcing specially selected Products of the highest quality and bringing them to everyone. Through discovering Australian Farms and Producers that have a passion to do it right and their desire is that this will be conveyed across every product we source for you to use. "